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  • Can I buy my tournament specific tee anytime?
    The deadline for specific tournament tees / others is available for a week after every tournament. See "2023 Tournament Schedule" for firm dates. Sorry, No exceptions!
  • What happens when I "Pre-Order"?"
    * Your merchandise will be ready for "on-site" pickup during check in / captain's packet pickup @ tournament headquarters. * if you order for "Pick up on-site" AFTER pre-order deadline, we will notify you when your order is ready. NOTE: this is only offered when we have on-site stores. * For orders being shipped: Allow 10 - 14 business days after receipt of order. If there are any delays, you will be notified. * Please note pre-order and final deadlines per each tournament.
  • We won states, how do I get my "STATE CHAMPION" imprint?"
    You can order for you and your team and add "State Champion" to your tournament specific apparel - Tees, Tanks and Tournaments Specific Quarter Zips. This imprint is at no additional charge ($5.00 value), compliments of USTA NC. ​ Please Note: If you already purchased a tournament specific tee: we CANNOT accept apparel to be mailed back to us for additional imprinting (No Exceptions). Options are as follows: Order a different item to be imprinted with "State Champion" Bring your CLEAN tee/tank to one of the tournaments that has an on-site store (18's / 40's / Mixed / Combo) and we will add the transfer at N/C.
  • Is apparel, headwear, other swag (towels, totes, etc) available when I order my specific "Tournament Tee"?"
    Additional merchandise is offered throughout the Tennis League Season. Styles and offerings will change and some options are limited. The online portal will not let you purchase what is not available.
  • Where is tournament headquarters and what are the order deadlines for ordering for tournament?
    There is a "Tournament Headquarters" at every tournament. The "On-Site" store is only available for 18 & Over, 40 & Over, Mixed and Combos. See "2023 Tournament Schedule" pdf for detailed information.
  • How does the sizing run?
    All run “True to Size” (is there such a thing?). We offer Men’s (Unisex) and Ladies options for most of our products. “Ladies” is specified in the description, all other apparel is “Unisex / Men’s”. If you normally order Ladies sizes, we suggest you go a size down when ordering the Unisex / Men’s options. Most apparel items have a "Size Chart" in the discription. Check for correct fitting.
  • What is the return policy?
    See Return/Refund Policy
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